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When Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow Collaborated to Record a Love Song

Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow be there for you
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There is nothing greater than being with the person you love. It is nice to fall in love with someone who will do everything and anything to be with you. That someone who will be there for you in every high and low parts of your life. Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow embodied that story in their song “Be There For You.”

Willie Nelson and Sheryl Crow Collaboration

In 2002, Willie Nelson collaborated with country singer Sheryl Crow to record his single “Be There For You” for his studio album The Great Divide. His duet with Sheryl did not make it to the Billboard country chart. However, his album The Great Divide did.

The Great Divide Album

The Great Divide is Nelson’s 50th album. In this album, Nelson collaborated with different artists. He worked with Lee Ann Womack to record the song “Mendocino County Line.” He also performed with Brian McKnight for “Don’t Fade Away.” Furthermore, he also sang with Bonnie Raitt for the song “You Remain,” and Kid Rock for “Last Stand in Open Country.” Nelson’s album received negative criticisms and most critics said that the album was not like Willie Nelson. However, despite the bad critics given to his album, it still reached No. 5 on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. In addition, the album placed at No. 43 on the Billboard 200 chart.

“Mendocino County Line” and “Maria” are two of the singles in his album that secured a spot on the chart.

The Meaning of the Song

Matt Serletic and Kevin Kadish wrote the song of Nelson and Crow. The song tells the story of two lovers expressing their love for each other. They promise to always be together and support one another.

“And whatever you do, I will be there for you

Through the thunder, the wind and the rain.”

In addition, they will also try to compromise for the sake of their partners need or want.

“I may lack social graces

But I won’t swallow my pride.”

“Be There For You” may not have reached the Billboard chart but it surely has lovely lyrics.

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