September 25

Willie Nelson’s Version of the Popular Christian Hymn, “Just As I Am”

We reach a point in our lives when we question our existence. We wonder why we are here and what can we do in our life. Do not worry, Charlotte Elliot, once thought that she was useless. She wondered what her purpose in life is and why she even existed. Her constant wondering and questions led her to realize that she should let God take control of everything. Elliot let the power of God help her overcome this thought that kept bothering her. As she let God take control of her, she ended up writing one of the most popular hymns known today, “Just As I Am.”

The Making of “Just As I Am”

The song was written by Charlotte Elliott in 1853 and it was set into four different tunes. Elliot wrote about how the Lord will accept us for who we are exactly. God loves us for the person we are today. Moreover, God always forgives us and loves us no matter what we have done or where we have come from. When you listen to the song, you can see that there is forgiveness from God and there is Love. Elliot wrote this words to comfort her in those times when she felt that she is worthless. Little did she know that her words which is now a hymn made her precious.

Willie Nelson’s Version

In 1975, Willie Nelson recorded the song “Just As I Am” for his album Red Headed Stranger. The song did not make it to the Billboard charts. His album though made it to the chart. It placed at No. 1 on the Billboard Top Country Album chart. In addition, the album reached No. 28 on the Billboard 200. Only two singles from his album entered the chart (“Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” and “Remember Me.”)

Folks, if you think you are useless, remember that in the eyes of the Lord, you are someone important. He laid down his life for you to save you and to let you be known in His Father’s home.

Find peace with Willie Nelson’s cover of the song “Just As I Am.”

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Just As I Am, Willie Nelson

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