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On the previous episode of “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Ethan Hawke and Jimmy Fallon channeled their inner Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Ethan Hawke mimics Willie Nelson, while Jimmy Fallon disguised as Johnny Cash. The two comedians teamed up and performed their modified compositions and a parody mash-up of “On the Road Again” and “Let’s Just Stay Here.”

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As it can be seen on the show, Ethan Hawke wore a ponytailed hair with a band on it. Also, He wore the red, blue, and white lace on his neck. The entire outfit was Willie Nelson’s trademark. On the other hand, Jimmy Fallon wore an all-black outfit which was the hallmark of Johnny Cash as “Man in Black.” But hold on a sec, the total transformation is not complete without their guitars.

Apart from that, Charlie Sexton as Kris Kristofferson and Ben Dickey as Waylon Jennings joined the gang.

The Show…

It was hilarious and a lot of fun. Both comedians enjoyed what they did when they sang with their own modified lyrics. As they go along, the audience kept laughing even the band as they exchange their words and songs. Ethan Hawke was insisting on hitting the road. Jimmy Fallon then wanted to stay and play the Fortnite. The imitation was a bunch of enjoyment.

On the other note, Jimmy and Ethan just reminded us of the great music of Willie Nelson. Also, it was a recollection of the legacy of the late legendary Johnny Cash. Surely, many especially the country music obsessives reminisced their memories and heritage.

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