July 18

A Young Lady Tempts Willie Nelson During His Tours

A Young Lady Tempts Willie Nelson During His Tours 1
Willie Nelson (image from pbs.twimg.com)

The Red Headed Stranger proved his versatility as an artist when he starred the 1980 movie, “Honeysuckle Rose.” This is a romantic drama film that centers on the journey of a country singer named Buck Bonham, who is played by Willie Nelson.

Buck, as an artist, was struggling to find a breakthrough from his career. In pursuit of fame and success, he compromised his responsibility to his family. Fortunately, he’s got everything going along his way until the daughter of their guitarist joined the band. He fell into temptation that eventually led to his downfall and the inspiration of this article’s title. Just kidding! So I guess it’s time to stop with the spoilers, but I’ll leave you with a mystery. Do you think Buck’s family and friends will stand by him after all his mistakes? Hmmm… You’ll never know until you watch.

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Meanwhile, let’s focus on the records held by Honeysuckle Rose. Interestingly, the film premiered in 826 venues on July 18, 1980. On its first week of release, it impressively earned more than 2 million US dollars. It was ranked third in the domestic box office. After all the shows, the movie grossed a total of $17,815,212 and was screened out of competition at the 1981 Cannes Film Festival.

Here’s more, did you know that Willie Nelson’s all-time favorite hit, “On the Road Again” came from this movie? The song was actually nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1981.

On the other hand, the list of Nelson’s co-stars in the film include Dyan Cannon as Viv Bonham, Bucks wife; and Amy Irving as Lily Ramsey, the woman who lit the temptation. The movie was directed by Jerry Schatzberg and was written by John Binder, Gustaf Molander, Carol Sobieski, Gösta Stevens, and William D. Wittliff.

So, let’s reminisce about Nelson’s movie, with his song “On the Road Again.” Enjoy watching!

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