July 22

Willie Nelson Shuts Down Death Rumors with Hilarious ‘Still Not Dead’ Music Video

One of the main uses of the internet is for people to find the information they need. But at times, not all we read on the World Wide Web is true, and celebrities are among the usual victims of hoax news and stories. Willie Nelson was not spared from the rumors circulating online.

False news of his death began to spread in social media pages and websites, making Nelson raise an eyebrow and shake his head in disbelief. But, instead of lashing out at the culprits, he took it upon himself to deal with the said rumor in his own, creative way.


Willie Nelson Shuts Down Death Rumors with Hilarious 'Still Not Dead' Music Video 1

Willie Nelson used his first love, music, to put an end to the ridiculous news of his made-up demise. Through a funny, feel-good music video, Nelson sang Still Not Dead and showed fans worldwide that he is very much still alive and kicking.
His lyrics went:

I woke up still not dead again today

The internet said I had passed away

 If I died I wasn’t dead to stay

And I woke up still not dead again today

The video depicts him waking up and discovering the fake news, with simultaneous shots of him playing the guitar and singing the comical lyrics. Fans could also see a footage of his show, followed by a clip of the iconic singer playing poker with his friends, dancing in a room, greeting fans, and conversing cheerfully. Nelson continues to laugh at the rumors with the line, I run up and down the road making music as I go/ They say my pace would kill a normal man/ But I’ve never been accused of being normal anyway/ And I woke up still not dead again today

Lesson learned: Don’t believe all that you read, see or watch on the internet. Some people really just want to get the views and shares and likes for their own interests. Next time you encounter fake news or  false stories as ridiculous as this one about your favorite artist, always remember Willie Nelson singing this line:

“Don’t bury me, I’ve got a show to play.”



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