January 28

Willie Nelson Praising the Lord during “Uncloudy Day”

Everyone has their own destination once our life journey ends. Thus, it’s a big mystery where we’ll go. Anyhow, others say that the soul will be reincarnated because our soul is ageless. But as per the Christian belief, once we die, its either we go to heaven or hell. Of course, no one wants to go to the place of torture which is hell.

Moreover, your destiny is in your hands. Which place do you choose to stay? Our finite minds can not imagine the benefits of heaven and its grandeur. So, I hope that you will choose wisely. To help you, let’s listen to one of the hits from Willie Nelson “Uncloudy Day” and let’s uncover what heaven looks like.

The Red Head Stranger

He is considered as one of the most respected people in the music industry. Due to his influence, he was one of the main key figures that helped shape outlaw country. In addition, he also received numerous recognition to different award giving body. This artist is really multi-talented because he also acted in thirty films and co-authored several books. Well, I guess he really wants to leave a legacy and be an example to other artists. Do you remember the hits “On the Road Again,” and “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before?” Yes, you’re right I’m referring to Willie Nelson.

Willie Nelson Praising the Lord during “Uncloudy Day” 1
Photo Credits: Willie Nelson Official Facebook Page

When We All Get to Heaven

It would be a glorious day if we will meet our creator once we go to heaven. Also, this is the most awaited moment for all Christian believers. So as for the hit “Uncloudy Day” from Willie Nelson. The hymn talks about a pinch of what to expect once we go to heaven. So let us go ahead and enjoy the hit. 



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