March 12

Hank Williams Singing A Sad Song Called “Wedding Bells”

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You receive a mail from someone, just your name is written on it. As you open the envelope, you see the name of the person you love and the man she is going to marry written. You are invited on the wedding of your ex-lover. What are you going to do? Are you going to attend the wedding, even though you know that you still love her? Or you’ll just forget about it?

Hank Williams And The “Wedding Bells”

In 1949, Claude Boone written a song entitled, “Wedding Bells,” and performed by the legendary country singer, Hank Williams.

The Content

If you have had the experience of letting go of the person you love and finding out that they are getting married, then this song fits your situation. “Wedding Bells,” such a lovely title, until you get to hear the song. Now you know that it is a sad song.

In this song, the narrator who used to love a woman, whom he thought the one, is finally getting married to someone. He received an invitation from her, inviting him to attend her wedding. I think that the woman is very insensitive to send her ex-lover an invitation to her wedding. Or it could be that she just wanted to see him for the last time; to find out if she still has feelings for him. However, I think that inviting an ex-lover to your wedding is not a good idea, not only for the person being invited but for everyone. Despite his love for his ex-lover, the narrator didn’t go to the wedding to watch the love of his life marry someone else.

“And while the organ plays I love you truly

Please let me pretend that I am there”

What do you think, is it just fine to invite your ex to your wedding, or not. On the other hand, if you are invited to your ex’s wedding will you go?


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