November 5

That Hank Williams Jr, Waylon Jennings & Ernest Tubb Collab

Hank Williams Jr. might be a son of another country legend who had made a lasting image of what real country is but Williams Jr. certainly had made a name for himself by using his God-given talent. In 1983, the ‘Hotel Whiskey’ singer sought the help of no other than legends themselves, Waylon Jennings and Ernest Tubb for the song, ‘Leave Them Boys Alone.’ Considered as vanguards of country outlaw music and knowing their own roots, Williams and Jennings thought that they could sing a song that would slap the country-pop proponents. Just like the song ‘Family Tradition,’ Williams sing his sentiments together with Jennings and Tubb about the escapades of honky tonks in the 1950s.

‘Leave Them Boys Alone’, Hank Williams Jr.

There’s a lot of things that had happened before and after the recording of Leave Them Boys Alone. First, it was co-written by another rebellious songwriter who had championed the country outlaw and honky tonk music, Dean Dillon who have also spoken recently about how the country-pop songs have lacked narrative and substance. In his 2012 interview with, he stated how he’ll write whatever he wants to write and who he’ll write it with:

“I was like, ‘Screw you. I’ll write with who I want to write with, when I want to do it’… These guys were outlaws and they pushed the envelope and there was a lot of flack on Music Row about them. And the American public in general had a lot of questions about their lifestyles. And I was like, ‘Why don’t you just forget who they are and listen to them sing.'”

It is also sad to note that this was the last song that was recorded by Ernest Tubb before he died of emphysema the following year at the age of 70.

Listen to the music here and let us know what you think:


Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings

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