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Hank Williams, Jr. Admitted, “Angels Are Hard To Find”

Sometimes I feel like, I am alone in the world. It is almost like being selfish that I only know what I am feeling. Like, what I feel, not everyone else’s, is what matters. Considering the whole of the universe, did you ever think that angels existed? I cannot even explain it. How you describe an angel is what matters. Listening to Hank Williams Jr.’s “Angels Are Hard To Find” which apparently is about a woman, can also be applied to basically anything else. This was what I realized when I first heard it. Perhaps, Hank Jr. wants to express something more in his song. The song is featured in one of Warner Brothers’ movie, “Gravity”, made me understand it more than just reading its lyrics.

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Song Facts and Its Standing

Hank Williams, Jr. recorded “Angels Are Hard To Find” for his 1974 MGM album Living Proof when he was still starting to develop his own style, moving out of his famous father’s shadow. Released as a single, it garnered the 19th spot on the country chart. The track was later featured on Williams’ 1991 album Pure Hank and again was dropped as a single. Williams Jr.’s honky-tonk country song is about hoping for new love. Written as a prayer to God, Hank promises to be good to his future, despite his failures in the past. Literally, it is about relationships, but the underlying theme is solitude and isolation. 

“Angels Are Hard To Find”, Featured in A Movie

“Gravity” is also about isolation and loneliness. “Angels Are Hard To Find” can be interpreted as a reference to the loneliness Dr. Stone feels while on earth. Where Hank sings about wanting his love to come back to him, Stone wants her daughter back. They both want an angel. In the song, Hank sings about an angel “with arms, not wings”. Dr. Stone later denotes her daughter as “an angel”.

Lord I’m singing you this message up to heaven 
Asking you to send me down another angel. 
I’ve been looking for along time for someone to get her off my mind, 
But you know Lord, Angels are hard to find.

Another thing significant is that “Angels Are Hard to Find” is in the form of a prayer. Perhaps in a bit of vision, Dr. Stone, who does not practice any religion, has a deep moment of spirituality. “Angels Are Hard To Find”  was really an inspired song selection. It is about keeping your faith alive and maintaining one’s will to carry on. The song does not draw attention to itself, yet it links us all to appreciate the angels around us. For, we do not know when we will lose one and try hard to find someone again.

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Angels Are Hard To Find, hank williams, Jr.

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