December 15

Who will Not be Moved by “It is Well with My Soul?”

Out of our darkest moments are sweet melodies that spring forth from our souls.

That was how the hymn “It is Well with My Soul” came to be. We’ll get to its backstory in a moment. Before that, I just want to express my gladness that Joey Feek did a rendition of the hymn. She and her husband’s story of maintaining trust in the Lord despite Joey’s illness had been inspirational to millions worldwide. That said, I found Joey to be the perfect deliverer of this beloved hymn. Here. Have a listen first.

“It is Well with My Soul” by Joey + Rory


Horatio G. Spafford, a lawyer in Chicago lost his four daughters in a shipwreck tragedy. Only his wife survived. Heartbroken and in deep anguish, he did not blame God for it. Instead, he penned one of the most influential songs ever written in history. Hard as it could be to still give God praise, Mr. Spafford chose to fix his eyes on his Lord. Could you imagine that kind of faith?

From its first publication, “It is Well with My Soul” had repeatedly appeared on hymnals and church songbooks. Beyond the sad melody are words that have not just touched hearts but also gave hope. Hope not out of blind optimism but in the Lord of resurrection.  Death may temporarily separate us from our dear ones, but it was never an enemy. It will just bring us closer to the bosom of our Maker.

Whatever predicament you are currently in or will face in the future, I hope you’ll remember this hymn, Mr. Spafford, and Joey Feek. They could help you get through your sadness. Or if you knew somebody who might need to hear it, pass this song along. The impact is more lasting than when we attempt to offer words of consolations.


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