It seems pretty normal for us Christians to just do good because we think that we have to do it to be saved, but that is wrong. There is a different reason why we do good.

why we do good

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At one point or another, I am sure that we have all done one of the following: driving past a homeless man without even slowing down, we avoid and ignore criminals because we think they could harm us. We secretly look down on those who have been to jail and refuse to give them a chance. We don’t donate to a charity of some sort even when we could or we didn’t help or befriend a neighbor in need.

why we do good

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Before being too guilty and letting the devil plant doubt in us because of these, let us first remember that our salvation is sure because of Jesus. When Jesus died on the cross, He absolved us of our sins, including those good we have failed to do.

When God forgave us through Christ, that meant letting go of our actions, it meant that He wouldn’t just suddenly bring it up again to use against us.

Why we do Good, It’s not to Gain Favor

If there is one thing that the coming of Jesus has taught, it is that we are saved. That is an assurance, something that can’t be taken back. Jesus’ blood has given us the pass we need; we are assured of it so long as our faith in Him stays. So, why then do we do good?

why we do good

Jesus Christ portrait from Scenes in the life of the Saviour (1845) by Rufus Wilmot Griswold. Original from the British Library. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel. Image from Flickr

Why we do good is more of thanksgiving rather than for duty. We have already been fed, clothed, and best of all, loved by the Lord. We are already welcomed into heaven; we have been given everything we need. So in turn, we take care of those around us who are in need freely. We have been blessed and so we too should become a blessing to others, not as a form of duty but as a way of thanksgiving.

Appreciate the Father and continue to be kind to others, be thankful for what He has blessed us with and feel inspired with “Kindness” by Chris Tomlin.

Watch it Here and Enjoy!