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“Why Me Lord?” When Bad Things Happen to Good People

As a Christian community, we try to live up to the way of God. We help one another, support each other in difficult times, and love our neighbors as ourselves. More often than not, we face trials in our life that makes us hit rock bottom. This is the time we question God, “Why Me Lord?”

The Surface of Trials, We Ask “Why Me Lord?”

why me lord
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News of tragedy is often seen in television and social media. Shootouts, death, cancer, and other illnesses, accidents are incidents that inflict pain and suffering.  When we hear or read about it, we send our sympathy to the people involved. We uplift others by showing our support. 

Now, let’s try to look at the situation from a different perspective. What if you were diagnosed with cancer? What if a close relative becomes a victim of a shootout? Among the other tragedies, how would you look at the world if it was you?

Beyond Our Perceptions

why me lord
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When bad things happen to good people, we often do not understand why. We get angry at the world, we lose our faith, and we question God. Why would God let me suffer this way if all I did was to follow his ways? Why would God let bad things happen to his servants?

Here’s the catch: it’s a test of faith. The pain and suffering allow us to look up to God even more. If we can not rely on our own understanding, where else will we turn to? The answer is not our pastor, not even the church but God. That’s because God is the only one who can let us understand WHY.

kris kristofferston, why me lord
Photo Credit: Kris Kristofferson’s Official Facebook Page

Find solace in Kris Kristofferson’s “Why Me Lord?” and listen to the story of going back to God.

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