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A Common Cry of Men Who Just Can’t Move On, “Why, Lady, Why”

A Common Cry of Men Who Just Can’t Move On, “Why, Lady, Why” 1
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It’s common knowledge that when you are addicted to something, this can have adverse effects on your life. The same thing applies when it’s a person that you get addicted to especially involving a romantic relationship. That person tends to consume most of your time, thinking of them until you develop a strong attachment which could be difficult to lose. If things didn’t work out for you both, the addicted party would certainly go through a terrible time forgetting and moving on. Along with this theme, a song called “Why, Lady, Why” by the American country music band Alabama was created. People, men especially, who had gone through or who are currently experiencing the above scenario, would find it very relatable. Others may even consider it as their theme song.

A Few Facts of the Song

Songwriters Teddy Gentry and Rick Scott penned the song ‘Why, Lady, Why.” It became a 1980 hit for the band Alabama. Released as the fourth and final single on their album My Home’s in Alabama, the song gave the band their second No. 1 on the country music chart. Prior to this, the band had first recorded the song in 1978 and released it under their independent record Alabama Band: #3. This original version appeared on their 1986 album entitled Greatest Hits.

Meanwhile, the track has gone through several recordings and re-issues before the 1980 version that became a chart-topper. In January 1980, MDJ Records launched My Home in Alabama where a part of the song appeared on its B-side. That time, the band did not have a recording agreement yet with the label. After signing with MDJ Records, which was under the producer Harold Shedd, they made a remix to the original track. The remix version enlisted the participation of Kristin Wilson and the Wire Choir Strings. When RCA label worked on its release as a single later in August 1980, “Why, Lady, Why” reached a higher acclaim. Moreover, its B-side “I Wanna Come Over” earned the band their first Top 40 Hit.

Listen to Alabama’s record of “Why, Lady, Why” below.

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