When it comes to our beliefs as Christians, the general consensus is that we serve Jesus. However, that isn’t really the case, so who serves whom?

who serves whom

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Having the thought that we serve Jesus is very common among us. Generally, we think that because Jesus is Lord and the King of kings, we should, in turn, be serving Him. It seems the most natural route, it would make no sense if the roles were reversed.

Think about it. Why on earth would someone so powerful serve someone weak and undeserving? Keep in mind that before Jesus, we had virtually no chance of getting into heaven or getting close to God.

Fact is, Jesus saved us, redeemed us, and made us all worthy of God. So naturally, it seems only fitting that we serve Jesus for all He did. The reality of it though is that He, in fact, served us.

Who Serves Whom? Jesus Served Us

In the bible, the Disciples were completely stunned when Jesus knelt before them and washed their feet (John 13). Many of them tried to stop Jesus but He kept doing it.

who serves whom

Christ Washing the Apostles Feet. Oil on Canvas. Image from Wikipedia Commons

This is the same for us, Jesus took on the same flesh as us to take on our sins. All of our dirt and filth, He cleaned up. So, who serves whom? The answer is Jesus. He served us and we are thankful for it.

He carried our cross for us and took on death for us. Best of all, He knelt before us and used His blood to cleanse us of our countless sins. All these times He was serving us and did so in a humble and loving way.

who serves whom

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If that is the case, then why do we do the things He tells us to do in the Bible? Simple, after washing the disciples’ feet, He says this:

“If I then your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet.” – John 13:14

Because we were redeemed through His service, it is only right that we serve others as He has done for us. Even if that means kneeling down and washing someone’s feet, we do it because we are a saved people and this is the least we could do to say thanks to the Lord. Follow the Lord’s example of servant-hood and serve on with humility, love, and respect.

Rejoice in the Lord and His faithfulness towards us and how we were redeemed through Him, reflect and worship as we listen to “My Redeemer is Faithful and True” performed by Steven Curtis Chapman.

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