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Keith Whitley and Lorie Morgan Vocal Prowess Combined thru Jesse Keith


Keith Whitley and Lorie Morgan Vocal Prowess Combined thru Jesse Keith 1
Keith Whitley and family (image from myspace.com)

Lorrie Morgan and Keith Whitley’s love story may have ended, but their once upon a time romance brought a man into this world that carries their shared talent.  Jesse Keith Whitley, now 31, continues to serenade the country music fans with the combined voice inheritance from his legendary parents.

Jesse was a little boy when his father passed away from alcohol poisoning. According to Science, alcohol poisoning is what happens when someone consumes a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time.

At the age of fifteen, Jesse wanted to be in the Coast Guard. His friends were in the Marines, Navy Seals, Air Force, and army during that time. At a young age, he felt the courage to fight for his country. However, things changed in a matter of time.

Keith Whitley and Lorie Morgan Vocal Prowess Combined thru Jesse Keith 2
Jesse Keith Whitley (image from Youtube)

For the love of music

When he was seventeen, he happened to hear a song from the radio that caught his interest. He immediately picked up his guitar and started playing and started writing songs. He released his debut album, Kentucky Thunder on the twenty-second anniversary of his dad’s Death. The song opens with the title cut, Country rock song that tells the story of a Kentucky moonshiner. The song almost sounds like the Whitley family story.

Jesse gets a loud response from the audience every time he sings the line,

“Music that comes out of me, turns to thunder naturally.”

Fans still embrace anything that has to do with Keith Whitley, and the fact that Jesse tends to carry on his father’s legacy within his music impresses the crowd.

Keith Whitley and Lorie Morgan Vocal Prowess Combined thru Jesse Keith 3
Jesse Keith Whitley and Lorrie Morgan (image from Youtube)

A passionate man as a whole

From those who’ve watched Jesse since he was young until he has matured, they describe him as a righteous man. He knows what is right, stands for his belief. He may look tough outside, but on the inside, there is a passionate man who cares. His inspiration and strength come from his family and all that he loves. Though he draws his musical style from his oldies, he still maintains his own persona.

Most of all, Jesse Keith Whitley is a breath of fresh air in a stuffy country music industry.

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