April 11

Sing Along with The Whites in “This World is Not My Home”


Song Anatomy

The First stanza straightaway pointed how the narrator sees living in the present world. The phrase “I’m just passing through” highlights a longing for another world. So for the rest of Christendom, the author then aims to remind us of another citizenship -one that transcends barriers and differences.

That point taken, there must not be a misunderstanding among Christians to slack in good works. While we’re on earth, let’s redeem every minute we currently have to walk as good ambassadors of our Lord.

The second stanza takes Jesus’ universal work of salvation to a personal level. Hence, the song’s narrator speaks of a promise that the Savior will “take us through.” He won’t just leave us on our own to fend for ourselves.

The narrator’s attitude in the third stanza is not to be missed as well. He’s expectant of a grand reunion with all the redeemed from the previous generations. That explains his reluctance to stay longer on earth. He wants to be reunited with his family who have already departed.

The hymn culminated in stanza four as an expression of victory. All of God’s saints will gather in praise and joy! Finally, we all can rest from the power of evil and death.


I’ve never forgotten that “This World Is Not My Home.” It’s no excuse for me though, to not use my time wisely in the present. My claim as a follower of Christ will go null if I’m not helping him in inviting more people to be where He is — in God’s fatherly embrace. He welcomes those who are willing to enter his home.

The Whites in “This World is Not My Home”


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