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“A White Sport Coat”: Marty Robbins’ Sad Song for Prom Night

marty robbins a white sport coat

“A White Sport Coat” could be a song for teenagers attending the prom but was stood up by their date. Prom is a big thing in our teenage years. You get to ask a girl out, or you get to be asked by the guy of your dreams (if they’ll ask you). One night of getting dressed up and feeling like a queen or a king. But there are times proms don’t end up perfectly. The worst is when you thought you are going with your date, but eventually, they change their mind.

The Artist: Marty Robbins

Marty Robbins, not only wrote awesome gunfighter ballads and trail songs, but he also knows how to make music that will really touch the deepest part of your heart. From “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife” to this song “A White Sport Coat.”

The song was written and performed by Marty Robbins in 1957. This was Robbins’ third No. 1 single to peak at the top of the charts.

The Song: “A White Sport Coat”

The song is about a boy who was super excited for his prom as he asked the girl of his dreams to go with him. However, in between the song the narrator mentioned that his prom date changed her mind suddenly. Perhaps she is going to the prom with another date. The narrator was so devastated, as he was prepared for that day. He was wearing a white sport coat and with him, he carries the pink carnation that he was supposed to slip on his prom dates hand. A beautiful song it is indeed but it ends sadly.

Does this song remind you of your prom night? Do you have any experiences like that of the narrator in the song? Come share with us your prom night back then and let’s reminisce it together.

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Marty Robbins

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