August 23

White River Narrates Our Kind of Going Away Party

Because you love your Gospel music played the Country way, here’s a track from White River, a band that premiered Christian Country Music on stage.

Going Away Party by White River

Another notable cover for this track is Jeff and Sherrie Easter’s.  

Going Away Party is the last track in White River’s second album, Rodeo Preacher. Though it did not gain the same recognition as the title cut, Rodeo Preacher, it was equally poignant in content and masterfully played by the band.

The White River Band 

Album Cover // Rodeo Preacher (c)
Album Cover // Rodeo Preacher (c)

Communicating the Gospel even through commercial Country music was the palate of this group. Four of their album releases- Rodeo Preacher, What Ya Gonna Do, Have a Little Faith, and Best of White River was modestly consumed by Christian Country fans. Whether their songs be contemporary or classic, theirs’ are for both our listening enjoyment and spiritual upliftment.

Why Call Death a Going Away Party?

The short answer is because we’re moving on UP! Unless you’ve made many enemies with your time on earth, death would be a gain instead of a loss.

We’ve been taught that in breathing our last, it will be a day of great rejoicing in heaven! And indeed it will! At last, we’re reunited with God and our loved ones. But more than the end of our earthly woes, death liberates us from the presence of sin that constantly war with our spirits. When we’re no longer in the flesh, the enemy’s minions are totally stripped off their license to tempt and to pull us down. It’s a promotion to enter a new realm; prepared to join God’s army in defeating the old Serpent in the last battle between light and darkness.

White River Narrates Our Kind of Going Away Party 1
(c) Hot Cross Mum

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