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Bryan White’s “Dustbowl Dreams” is About His Life and Career

Bryan White's "Dustbowl Dreams" is About His Life and Career 1
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Bryan White took some time off  the music scene and after his almost 10 years hiatus, he’s back with a bang. Along with his reappearance into the limelight in 2009 is a promising project which he’s happy to share with his fans. The release of his latest studio album entitled Dustbowl Dreams carries with it the great things that White always dreamed of. In an interview, the God Gave Me You” singer shared some of those great accomplishments he had. Those helped him found his identity both as an artist and as a human being. Of course, foremost on the list was creating a family, becoming a husband and father of two boys.

“I found my true identity, not only as an artist and a songwriter but as a human being,” Bryan states.

He added,

“I realize now that life is an incredible gift and it’s meant to be lived on purpose. Music is a gift and a great vehicle, but it’s really about what happens beyond the music for me. What kind of legacy did I leave as a husband, as a father, and a friend?”

But despite being away for a while, White has never forgotten his fans. And he’s making sure that he’s coming back with a music that’s worth the long wait.

About the Album

Dustbowl Dreams, which was released on September 28, 2009centers on White’s journey away from home. Interestingly, the record has, in many ways, took him right back to where he started. Its title track, “Dustbowl Dreams,” was inspired by his roots. With it, he prides himself being a product of his ancestors’ persistence. Likewise, he considers his album as ‘the American dream.’ He explains,

“The song ‘Dustbowl Dreams’ was inspired by my pride as an Oklahoman, my fascination with my lineage and history, and identifying with the grit, soul, and spirit of Oklahomans, especially during the Great American Dustbowl. I love to think of myself as a product of their perseverance. Dustbowl Dreams is, in essence, the American dream.”

While he’s aware of the fact that there are many newcomers in country music at present, he’s not worried at all. He strongly believes to be reaching the same success he had before. For the record, White placed four No. 1 songs on the country chart earlier including his Someone Else’s Star” single.

Listen below to one of White’s current singles from his Dustbowl Dreams album, “The Little Things.”

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Bryan White, Dustbowl Dreams

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