Trace Adkins (image from Youtube)

Trace Adkins is one of the inspiring country artists who’ve opened to the public about their highs and lows in life, and who’ve continually shared the wisdom they gathered through the years. “Whippoorwills and Freight Trains” from his album, Something’s Going On is a perfect example of a song that can lead you into self-reflection. The depth of Adkin’s voice plus the message will make you contemplate about how your life has been going.

“Whippoorwills and Freight Trains,” tells the story of a man who’s been through a lot of pain in his life. The sound of trains and whippoorwills used to remind him of his heartaches from the past. But as time passed, the subtle sound bothered him no more. A woman came into his life that made him whole again. The woman helped him move on from the pain he went through.

Adkins himself admitted that he cannot help but stop for a couple of times while singing the song. It summed up the life he was living for two or three very difficult years. He was injured while working on an oil rig, shot in the chest by a soon-to-be-ex-wife, and survived a fire that destroyed his house six years ago. Those are heavier than any challenge most of us ever handled. But for Adkins, these tests only enriched what he continues to achieve as an artist.

Adkins digs the lowest note

In “Whippoorwills and Freight Trains,” Adkins hits the lowest note he has ever done in a recording. We are used to hearing Adkin’s deep baritone voice, but never as low as this. The note was inspired by country legend Buck Owens, who told him all he had going on for him was his ability to hit that low note.

Adkins, however, emphasized that the lyrics of the song are much more important than the low note.

Here’s the song that means so much to Adkins. Enjoy watching!

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