December 14

“Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” Teaches Us to Trust God More

We plan a lot for lives – the course to take in college, the career path we’ll follow, what to do after we retire, and so on. But along the way, there were plans that don’t go our way. This happens to anyone at any stage in our lives. The reason is quite obvious. It’s beyond human’s power to control his life fully. We can plan many things for ourselves but that doesn’t mean everything is under our control. With that said, we recognize that someone else controls everything – God. It goes without saying too that God knows what’s best for us. Therefore, when things don’t go the way we want them to, let us not be discouraged. Instead, let’s be grateful because something better and bigger is coming our way. Everything boils down to one thing – trusting God’s will.

“But I am trusting in you, O Lord, saying, ‘You are my God!’ My future is in your hands.” (Psalms 31:15)

In addition to the reassuring Biblical passage above, here’s a song that teaches us the value of trusting God even more. The song is called “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go.”

Alan Jackson’s Delivery

It’s not only the message of the song that moved us but Alan Jackson’s gorgeous delivery of it, too. The country music superstar is known for recording country and gospel songs. Some of his notable gospel recordings include “Standing on the Promises of God,” “Are You Washed in the Blood,” and “Precious Memories,” among others. Listen to his rendition of “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” below.

Brief Song Background

“Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” was born out of two things – creativity and trust. It all started from two good friends having a casual conversation at a convention. The two didn’t see each other for several years and were trying to catch up over dinner. Baylus Benjamin McKinney was a renowned author of hymns at that time. Moreover, he was recently named editor for the Baptist Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. On the other hand, R.S. Jones was a missionary based in Brazil. After serving God for many years in that country, Jones was told by his doctor that he’s no longer allowed to return to South America. It’s because his health was not in good shape. He’s slightly disappointed with this news. So, McKinney asked him what his plans were. Jones’ gave an earnest answer that struck a chord with his friend.

“I don’t know, but wherever He leads I’ll go.”

Jones’ words provoked the creativity in McKinney. He was inspired to write a hymn about it. Before the convention session ended that night, McKinney penned the lyrics and melody of “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go.” He went on to share with the congregation the conversation he had with his friend and the new hymn that such conversation had resulted in.


Alan Jackson, Baylus Benjamin McKinney, R.S. Jones, Trusting God, Wherever He Leads I'll Go

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