December 26

“Wherever He Leads I’ll Go,” An Evening Hymn

Or okay, it could also be called a ‘missionary hymn’ considering the lyrics. Still, it is my pick for evening hymn since it makes you recollect your thoughts at the end of the day.

“Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” by Alan Jackson

I say listening to this tune is ideal when your mind is a jumble. Besides giving you a much-needed perspective on your life’s direction, the calming melody can freshen your spirit when you feel like your strength is depleting.


“Wherever He Leads I’ll Go” were the actual words of Rev. R.S Jones when asked about his future plans. After doing some mission work in Brazil, he fell ill and had to return home. Following his recovery, he was prohibited by his doctors to return to his mission field.

 Those words stayed with B.B McKinney, a Southern Baptist songwriter and a friend of Jones as they sat for dinner. That same evening of their convention where Jones was also the featured speaker, McKinney had the rest of the lyrics written and he sang it in closing to Jones’ message.

From its first publication in the 1930’s, this hymn appeared on various known hymn books. To mention a few, we got The Celebration Hymnal: Songs and Hymns for Worship, Hymns of Faith, Small church Music, and The New National Baptist Hymnal.

Its significance and prominence rose by the mid-1970’s. At present, it is now a familiar tune among Baptist congregations.


The song’s content has parallelism to the text of other hymns: I Surrender All, Jesus Calls Us, O’er the Tumult, Take My Life, and Let It Be, All for Jesus!, and Jesus,  My Cross Have Taken.

They all speak of a surrendered heart and mind. A willing attitude to be at God’s disposal and to follow wherever he leads.



hymn, King George

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