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“Where the Soul Never Dies:” Its Origin, Author, and Covers

"Where the Soul Never Dies:" Its Origin, Author, and Covers 1
A Biblical verse that inspired the song’s title | Photo credit:

Could there be a place where our soul would never die? We are blessed enough because there is. While our physical bodies can’t escape death, our souls could live eternally. That means after we depart from this earth, we are supposed to go to a certain place. By ‘certain place’ we mean not just any place elsewhere. Since we are provided with two options, one that’s filled with beauty and happiness and the other is its opposite, then we have to aim for the former. But going there after we die does not happen automatically. There are certain requirements and it should be part of our daily living to fulfill those necessities that our God has for us. To inspire us more to aim for that place here’s a great song to listen to. It’s called “Where the Soul Never Dies.” The title of the song alone radiates hope and optimism, isn’t it?

“Where the Soul Never Dies” is essentially talking about that fair place where all of us should go when our time has come. In other words, this gospel tune talks about heaven where we could experience all the beautiful things in life. There, we shall have no more sorrows, no struggles, and troubles. We’ll be directly living with God and our loved ones who had gone before us.

The Song’s Author

William Matthew Golden wrote the classic gospel song “Where the Song Never Dies.” It’s one of the many tunes that he wrote while serving an eight-year sentence in the state penitentiary. The Mississippi native was born on January 28, 1878. He was the son of James and Camella Hood Golding. He was married to Sarah Frances Dear who also hails from Mississippi. They’ve been blessed with an only son. Sadly, the child passed away too soon. On May 13, 1934, at the age of 56, Golden was reported killed in a traffic accident near Eupora, Mississippi. During his lifetime, Golden authored over 20 gospel tunes.

"Where the Soul Never Dies:" Its Origin, Author, and Covers 2
William Matthew Golden | Photo credit:

Covers from Country Artists

Gospel songs have always been part of the country music genre. Hence, performing or recording at least one gospel song is common among many country musicians. “Where the Soul Never Dies” is among those numerous touching gospel tunes that several country artists had sung. Check out the recordings of the song below by Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice, The Oak Ridge Boys, Hank Williams, Sr., and Willie Nelson.

Ricky Skaggs and Tony Rice

The Oak Ridge Boys

Hank Williams, Sr.

Willie Nelson

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