The Gaither Vocal Band performs “When We All Get Together With The Lord,” a hymn that reminds us that in the Lord’s eyes we are equal.

The Message of “When We All Get Together With The Lord”

In the teachings of Jesus, one thing that always comes up is the topic of love. Jesus loves us unconditionally and He always reminds us to love others as well. Love the sickly, love other races, our neighbors, our servants, masters, and even our enemies.

Caleb and Kelsey, You Raise Me Up, When We All Get Together With The Lord


Jesus teaches us this because He knows that before God we are all equal. Compared to God, all of us are nothing, to Him we are all sinners, but because He loves us He made a way for us to be saved and that is Jesus.

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” – John 14:6

Jesus himself told us this in the Bible. He emphasizes this because He wants us to know that because of God’s love, He made it so that we have a way to be saved and be able to reach Him once again.

When we all come to church to worship and even better when we come before God Himself, we are all equal and we are only able to stand before Him because Jesus paved the way for us, not because of anything else.

Yes, we are tasked by God to be good or holy, but that is to be able to spread His love and message even more. Our faith alone is the only thing that can get us into heaven, there is no other way in except through that.

It is our faith that connects us with Jesus and thus to God, and no amount of riches or poorness can alter that in any way. So rejoice because “When We All Get Together With The Lord” there are no social constructs only, salvation and blessings.

Rejoice and worship as you listen to the hymn here: