When We All Get To Heaven” is a very well-known hymn among Christians and is usually sang for the departed but it isn’t really about grieving.

At this point in time, we can all agree that this hymn can already be considered a classic. It is easily recognized by a lot, and I am willing to bet that a couple of y’all ended up singing some parts of it the moment you read the title. This hymn has a great message, a wonderful melody, and is absolutely timeless in all aspects.

This song is often sung during funeral worships on behalf of a loved one who has already gone home. The song brings comfort and ease to those left behind, with the hope that we can all see each other again when the right time comes in the best place possible (I mean what place can be better than heaven?).

However, though it is often seen as a hymn for funerals, that doesn’t mean that it is about grieving. Instead, this hymn is a reaffirmation of what Jesus did for us.

The Message in “When We All Get To Heaven”

This hymn is a reminder of our victory over death through the grace of God and Jesus’ sacrifice. When Jesus died on the cross on that faithful afternoon, He wasn’t really gone.

Instead of dying He cleansed us all and ensured our entry into heaven and into God’s welcoming embrace. On that day He defeated death and that victory was extended to us.

when we all get to heaven

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He had already triumphed against evil, and so did we. When He rose from the dead, it only proved to further emphasize the victory He had achieved and cemented our faith in Him and in God.

This song greatly celebrates the fact that we already know where we are headed because of God’s love and the acceptance of Jesus. Singing this song in a solemn way isn’t the only way to sing it.

Enjoy The Hymn Here and Worship The Lord For His Gift of Salvation