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When Carrie Underwood Saw “Something in the Water” About Her Faith


Baptism is one of the sacred sacraments in a Christian faith and it has been practiced since the time of Christ. Thus, if a person is baptized, he/she signed a commitment to God that they will be a new creation leaving their wicked ways behind. Also, being baptized symbolizes that our sins are buried as we rise from the water. We are now new creations, sinless, and spotless. Anyhow, if so happen that we will make some mistakes, all we need to do is to ask for forgiveness, provided that we will not repeat the same sinful action. Being saved and spotless was also the theme of Carrie Underwood in her hit “Something About the Water.”

The Blonde with a Talent     

She is the winner of the fourth season of the reality television show “American Idol” in 2005. This show changed her life completely and opened a whole new world for her. I hope that you still know her name. This gal from Muskogee popularized the song “Jesus takes the Wheel” and “Before He Cheats.” In addition, she hosted the recent Country Music Association Awards. Let’s give a round of applause to Carrie Underwood.

When Carrie Underwood Saw “Something in the Water” About Her Faith 1

Since her breakthrough, Carrie Underwood slammed hits in the Billboard Hot 100, and on the Country Charts. Moreover, Underwood also received different awards and recognition due to her influence and contribution to the industry.

Greatest Hits: Decade #1

This hit won a lot of nominations and it was also praised by critics due to its message and Underwood’s vocal range. The masterpiece “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood was released in 2014. Hence, the song reached number one on the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Hot Christian Song Charts. In closing, the hit centers about the changed life of a person after baptism. I hope that this hit will serve as an inspiration to all of youspecifically, to live a sinless life.



Billboard Hot Country Songs, Carrie Underwood, Something in the Water

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