January 17

Gospel Joy I: What’s Not to Love? (About Jesus)

God’s children ought to be the most joyful people on earth.

Do you believe that? Of course, we’re not negating the reality of sufferings at present. It’s just that we are considered to be people who, having known God up close, become resilient in time. Resilient, not because we have become immune to offenses, or in denial of pain, but there’s joy in close communion with our Lord.

There’s joy in knowing God. And knowing God equates loving Him with all our minds.

Speaking of knowing God, here’s one of Mark Lowry’s fun tunes about Jesus.

Mark Lowry in “What’s Not to Love?”

Song’s Anatomy


The track’s title alone, “What’s Not to Love?” stirs both curiosity and interest. And since it’s a Gospel song, the answer is obvious. That instant recognition, however, did not douse off the spark of fascination that a gospel music lover has.

Lyrical Structure.

Repeated throughout the song, the listener’s consciousness gets saturated by the rhetoric. In between posing the question are fragmented pieces of a believer’s testimony. It begins from the time of being at the Savior’s mercy and develops to the level of doting familiarity.

Owing to its bubbly melody, descriptions were lightly worded. That’s staying consistent with one of Christian’s foundational beliefs. That is, on the simplicity of being in a love relationship with God. Its depth may be beyond our natural understanding to grasp, but the knowledge of being loved and loving him back are not that complicated ideas. How’s that for pondering?

The contrast of pre and post conversions was essential, as well. Details provided by Mark Lowry direct listeners to the reasons why a believer rejoices. That rejoicing then develops into a desire to reciprocate God’s love. Having arrived at that realization, the believer will then ask, “What’s not to love about him?”


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