January 30

“What If I Said:” Anita Cochran and Steve Wariner’s First Single Together

The best relationship normally comes out of friendship, but some people will not agree to this. Some think that falling in love with a friend could ruin the friendship, while others think that when you fall in love with a longtime friend, it would be easier to establish the relationship.

Anita Cochran and Steve Wariner performed a song about friends who are secretly in love with each other. Let’s find out more about it.

“What If I Said” at No. 1

In 1997, Cochran released her song “What If I Said” from her album Back to You. Cochran collaborated with country singer and guitarist Steve Wariner. The song became a huge success for both of them. Cochran earned her first and only number one song on the Billboard Country chart. Meanwhile, Wariner finally has another number one after his 1989 hit single. Furthermore, the song was nominated during the 1998 CMA award show for Vocal Duet of the Year.

Anita Cochran’s First Album

Back to You was Anita Cochran’s first album. She released this in 1997, and it did well on the chart. It has reached number twenty-four on the Top Country Albums chart. In addition, it secured a spot on the Billboard 200 chart. She released four singles from her album, including “What If I Said.” Her single “I Could Love a Man Like That” only reached number sixty-four on the country chart. Furthermore, “Daddy Can You See Me” and “Will You Be Here?” both secured a spot on the top sixty of the Billboard chart.

Cover of Anita Cochran's album Back to You
Photo Credit: Back to You, Album Cover/ amazon.com

All About the Song

Two friends who are in love with each other is what “What If I Said” is all about. The woman plans on confessing her love to her friend, but doesn’t know how. The guy also feels the same way but is afraid to take the risk.

What if I told you (what if I said)

That I loved you

How would you feel

What would you think

What would we do

If you are in love with your best friend, would you tell them? Or would you keep it a secret?


Anita Cochran, steve wariner

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