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What a Crying Shame: A Masterpiece for the Mavericks

What a Crying Shame: A Masterpiece for the Mavericks 1
The Mavericks (image from The Music Works)

The Mavericks deserve a credit for pioneering the rise of group performers in country music. They have started the innovation of blending traditional country with a variety of rock, pop, and Latin influences. Loyal fans learned to embrace their enthusiastic eclecticism since the early 90’s up to this age. They have become even better with time.

Their debut album From Hell to Paradise started gaining attention in the spring of 1992. Their theme centered on dark and poetic tracks about the plight of political refugees, child abuse, including tales from rundown neighbors. These song topics raved reviews from music critics. This resulted in the album’s failure to sell out.

However, the band’s determination did not break down easily. They knew they are worth preserving. So Malo, the band’s lead vocalist teamed with some of Nashville’s most acclaimed songsmiths, and together they wrote new songs that are closely intact with honky-tonk sounds.

What a Crying Shame: A Masterpiece for the Mavericks 2
Raul Malo- lead vocalist, The Mavericks (image from Youtube)

“What a Crying Shame”

As a result of the songwriting collaboration, “What a Crying Shame” came into place. The song would then become the group’s signature song. It paved the way to the band’s fame and a promising selling record. The single received gold certification just a few months after its release in 1994.

“What a Crying Shame” has been described as a masterpiece of explored inspiration and countrified soul. Malo’s voice expressively lead the track and harmonized with the casual fierceness of the band. The melodic quality can be compared with the style of Roy Orbison. The powerfully hypnotic charm of the song can make one get lost within the rustic detours and ruminations.

The Mavericks

Raul Malo formed The Mavericks in the late 80’s. The band members include bassist Robert Reynolds, drummer Paul Deakins, keyboardist Jerry Dale McFadden and Eddie Perez on guitars. They started as guest performers for clubs around Miami around Miami. In there, they established solid local followers. And in the fall of 1990, they released an independent album that made producers start to notice their band. They started to conquer Nashville in May 1991. From all the major labels that courted them, they decided to sign with MCA Records. Their success continued to radically and splendidly wave as they released more albums and tracks that topped the charts.

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The Mavericks, What a Crying Shame

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