July 23

Warm your Spirit through West Coast Choir’s “Because He Lives”

West Coast Choir

At some point in our lives, we feel down and lonely. There are times we need someone to hold on to for us to continuously go on. With this, what we need to do is to pray and have faith in God. The highest almighty is our shield against problems, worries, and miseries. He will understand us no matter how hard the situation is. Also, God will always be there especially on our darkest days. Let us all warm our spirit through the Christian Gospel song “Because He Lives.”  You will definitely be moved by the West Coast Choir.

Because He Lives…

Gloria Gaither along with her husband Bill is the person behind “Because He Lives.” The song was inspired by the troubles Gloria and his husband Bill experienced. Their life together was not smooth sailing. They encountered problems and downfalls that almost shocked their relationship and faith. Bill and Gloria underwent false accusations and belittlement. Gloria felt a torment towards the situation.

Moreover, Gloria remembered sitting in their living room thinking of the agony they’re under. However, she was filled with peace and calmness because of the Highest Almighty. She believed everything would pass and better things will come their way. She threw her worries to God.

West Coast Choir

West Coast Choir is a group of talented singers. They are just the best. Their voices can touch us through their songs, and they can lift our spirits. West Coast Choir is portraying the love of God. When it comes to their performance, from their angelic voices to the videos to the sceneries of their videos, they are just incredible. They are indeed breathtaking.

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Because He Lives, Gloria Gaither, West Coast Choir

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