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How Well Do You Know Faron Young?

How Well Do You Know Faron Young? 1

People most probably remember one of Faron Young’s great songs written by another legend, Willie Nelson, ‘Hello Walls’. Also, we listened to his ‘Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young’, a motivational song about enjoying life.

But, how well do we know Faron Young?

Hold your horses. We have prepared 6 facts about him that can precisely summarize what we want to deliver.

His Connection to Other Country Icons

First. The Hillbilly Heartthrob was from the state of Louisiana. Do you know what’s more exciting? he was born just one day before another country music legend was born. Right. Faron was born February 25, 1932. The next day, Johnny Cash was born, up north in Arkansas. Can you see what we’re trying to say? Yes! Two of the supreme country music icons arrived in the world less than twenty-four hours apart.

Second. As previously mentioned, Faron is well remembered for the Willie Nelson penned ‘Hello Walls’, but did you know that was not his first number one hit? His ‘If You Ain’t Lovin’ (You Ain’t Livin’) peaked at number 2 on the charts in 1954. And, yes you got it, his first number 1 in 1955, was ‘Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young’.

Third. Some may already know that Faron wedded Hilda Macon back in the early 1950’s. But, did you know that Hilda was the Great Granddaughter of one of the first legendary names in Country, Western, and Hillbilly Music? Obviously, Uncle Dave Macon.

And Other Facts

Fourth. Most folks know that Faron was a major superstar in the era of the 1950’s, but did you know Faron dated Billie Jean Jones for a short time? Do you know her? Okay, she later married Hank Williams and Johnny Horton.

Fifth. Many country music fans know that one of Faron’s nickname was ‘The Singing Sheriff’ after appearing in a number of Hollywood Western films. In addition, his band was called ‘The Country Deputies’. So, it’s giving you a signal to not break a popular theme. Can’t find any reason, yeah?

Sixth. We saved the saddest part for last. Most fans know that the great Faron Young committed suicide in December of 1996 at the age of 64. Did you know he was cremated and his ashes were scattered over Old Hickory Lake outside Nashville? Does the place sound familiar? Yes, it’s at Johnny and June Carter Cash’s home.

How great of a Faron Young are you? Visit us at and feel free to comment the facts you want to add.


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