For cowboys and cowgirls, the 1994 classic film 8 Seconds will always have a special place in their hearts. Set in 1987 Oklahoma, the movie depicts the epic journey of a young man as his father, an ex-bull rider, trains him to become the next world rodeo champion. One of its most iconic scenes was the dance-off between the characters portrayed by Stephen Baldwin and Luke Perry. The scene took place in a wedding reception, too.

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Looking sharp and fantastic in their cowboy get-up, Brock and Brad impeccably reenacted that same groovy scene and owned the dance floor with their smooth moves. As the melodic beats to When Will I Be Loved filled the entire reception, the guests began cheering them on. Save for a few mismatch in their tempo, Brock and Brad’s body movements were perfectly synchronized for the most part. The positive feedback from the audience only fueled the boys’ enthusiasm further, leaving them to throw in high leaps and interchanging kicks as added spice to their performance. The dance steps were in no way easy at all! It takes strict coordination between the two lads and a good sense of balance and rhythm as well. Otherwise, doing the long and short intervals of kicks and leg snaps would leave them to either slip, trip or even twist their ankle. The performance was so clean and neat and fun to watch it also left the audience feeling all groovy and lighthearted. We wouldn’t be surprised if, after the performance, wedding guests began pulling their own partners to the dancefloor and try to re-enact that same sequence of dance steps.

Indeed, Brock and Brad made an excellent choice for their presentation. It made the wedding a more charming and memorable event.