June 8

Country Wedding Playlist For Wannabe June Brides II


June is one of the most-picked wedding months of the year. In full gear, country music cannot take over for the old-fashioned playing of The March. We have heard Dan + Shay dropping their breath over the beauty of their brides to Kane Brown being spiritually blessed and loved by an angel. Love is all around in country music and the artists are proud to show their approval through the songs they pen. Buckle up as we take the aisle to our last set of Country Wedding Playlist For Wannabee June Brides.

Country Wedding Playlist For Wannabe June Brides II 1

You’re Still the One, Shania Twain

The song is already more than two decades old, but the message that Shania Twain sings still stays young and true. Putting the other person first and trusting them at times of scraps, attests the power of love on an additional level. “You’re Still the One” every partner desires to dance to Shania.

 You Make It Easy, Jason Aldean

Waltz-inspired song, you may want to fasten those dancing shoes, because Jason Aldean just got sappy and playful. Still keeping it country, Aldean makes this dreamy ode the perfect song to spin a dashing bride around or to snitch in a little kiss.

The Long Way, Brett Eldredge

The idea of getting to know someone is what Brett Eldredge is looking for in “The Long Way.” This usually lights a fire for a relationship. He contends with the perfect partner for desiring to know every single part about his love and learn the hidden treasures beneath it all.  Eldredge does not believe in shortcuts to getting a girl.

Butterflies, Kacey Musgraves

Whenever we say we got butterflies in our stomach when we see our one true love, that will perfectly happen when you hear this song. The euphoric feeling of being with someone you care deeply about may just be the best part of falling in love. Surely, Kacey Musgraves experienced this right from the start, when she was dating husband Ruston Kelly.

There you have it, fellas. You may already are married and had that perfect country song on your wedding. Feel free to share it with us by visiting our website on Country Thang Daily.


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