June 6

Be Ready for We are Coming Home at Last

As always, the Gaither Musical Group does not trifle with superficiality in terms of music and theology. With the song, “We are Coming Home at Last,” they articulated the collective cries of our hearts. Our breaths carry that inner longing of being in our Father’s presence in perpetuity. While glimpses of his glory and Jesus’ sightings were enough to propel us to be steadfast until the ends of time, they’re not enough to satisfy us. Hence, the end has to come.

Here, be one with the Gaithers’ singers in their utterance of this beautiful piece.

We are Coming Home at Last

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Half-way through my ponderings, as I listen to this featured tune, I recalled one story of a missionary. From the moment he’d given his life to Christ, he committed himself to missionary work. His youth and family life revolved around his mission of preaching the gospel to the unreached tribes and regions. Eventually, his wife and children were brought home by the angels. Left alone, he began to feel lonely, so he decided to go back to his homeland.

With his meager belongings, he boarded a ship home. Arriving in his own country, he happens to see a prominent figure alighting from a yacht. People were gathered to give him a grand welcome. Seeing the stark contrast between him and the celebrity, the missionary could not help but make a pity party for himself.

In bitterness, he began recounting to God how much he has sacrificed for his cause. He lost everything and in coming home, nobody’s present to welcome him. The Lord replied with these words, “Son, you’re not home yet.”

Prepare for the Homecoming

There’s nothing sweeter than a welcome hug from our Father. Finally, after a lengthy sojourn on earth, God is putting an end to the weary spiritual battle we’ve been subjected to. We are coming home at last!
Be Ready for We are Coming Home at Last 1

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