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Tammy Wynette Quoted “The Ways to Love a Man”

What exactly are the ways to love a man for him to be satisfied and never leave you? Is there a specific formula for your man to be contented of what you can give him? And for the women out there with a successful marriage and love, what seems to be the secret? What is the spice of loving a man? These are simply the questions of women that need to be answered. “The Ways to Love, a Man” has the answers.

Posted by Tammy Wynette on Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Listen to Tammy Wynette’s “The Ways to Love a Man.” She, somehow, has the answers. She explained and quoted the things and ways. Some of you might agree, and some might disagree. Nevertheless, she has a point. Besides, the song will bring back the memories of “The First Lady of Country Music.”

The Ways to Love A Man

As mentioned above, “The Ways to Love, a Man” is a song of a woman sharing her thoughts in loving a man. She cited that there is no single way of loving a man, the secret is that you need to understand the man of your life. Also, it’s easy for a man to leave if you don’t take care of him. Above all, you must get to know your man so you can offer your full understanding, love, and care. You must not take him for granted.

Tammy Wynette along with Glenn Sutton and Billy Sherrill wrote the words and lyrics of “The Ways to Love a Man.” In 1969, she released the single under her album of the same name. Due to its success, the song peaked at the number one spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

“The Ways to Love a Man,” is song almost the same with her signature yet controversial hit “Stand by Your Man.” The core message of those songs merely loves the man of your life. If you know the ways to love them, then you’ll know how to stand by your man.


Tammy Wynette, the ways to love a man

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