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“Sweet Dream Woman:” One of Waylon Jennings Best Song

Billboard included “Sweet Dream Woman” as one of Waylon Jennings‘ Best Songs according to their Critic’s Picks. Billboard’s Critic’s Picks ranked “Sweet Dream Woman” at number twelve. Jennings recorded the song in 1972. He included the song on his studio album Good Hearted Woman.

The Song

Chip Taylor and Al Gorgoni wrote the song “Sweet Dream Woman.” Jennings made his song reach number seven on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. In addition, the song entered the Canadian chart and reached number three.

The Album

Waylon included his song “Sweet Dream Woman” on his album Good Hearted Woman. His album reached number seven on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. Included in this album was his chart-topping single “Good Hearted Woman.”

About the Song

“Sweet Dream Woman” is a song dedicated to all kinds of woman. As you can hear in between his words, he talks about a woman as a daughter, a mother, and a lover. The first stanza of the song goes like this,

“She’s the womb that you left and she’s the pride that you kept
She is the innocence that you left back in your youth
She’s the poems that you read she’s the mouth that you feed
And she’s the holy and she’s truth.”

The first line speaks about a mother, followed by a lover, and a daughter. Waylon’s song shows the love the narrator has for his woman.

Waylon Jennings’ Best Songs According to Billboard

Aside from “Sweet Dream Woman” there are fourteen more songs that Billboard considered to be the best songs of Jennings.

  1. “I’m a Ramblin’ Man”
  2. “I’ve Always Been Crazy”
  3. “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?”
  4. “This Time”
  5. “Dreaming My Dreams With You”
  6. “Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line”
  7. “Mental Revenge”
  8. “The Wurlitzer Prize”
  9. “Amanda”
  10. “Ain’t Living Long Like This”
  11. “Theme From ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard'”
  12. “Sweet Dream Woman”
  13. “Rainy Day Woman”
  14. “Will The Wolf Survive?”
  15. “Brown Eyed Handsome Man”


Sweet Dream Woman, Waylon Jennings

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