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Waylon Jennings’ Son Shooter and His First Entry to Outlaw Country Music

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Do you know who Shooter Jennings is? Shooter is the son of the famous outlaw country singer Waylon Jennings. He followed the footsteps of his father. Today we will take a look at the first album he released on the beginning of his career as a country singer.

Shooter’s love for music began at a very young age when he joined his father during his father’s tour. He learned to play the drums, piano, and percussion. He even had his own band when he was in high school.

The Beginning of Shooter Jennings’ Career

Before Shooter was able to release his first album as a solo artist, he first began making music and played with a band he formed called the Stargunn. Stargunn is a rock band where Shooter plays the piano and is also the lead singer of the band. However, in 2003, the band went their separate ways and instead of forming a new band Shooter decided to begin his solo career as an artist.

His First Album

In 2005, Shooter released his first album called Put the ‘O’ Back in Country. His first album entered the US Billboard Top Country Album charts at No. 22. In addition, the album peaked at No. 124 on the US Billboard 200. In Shooter’s first album he collaborated with different artists to make his album possible.

“Put the ‘O’ Back in Country”

His lead sing on his album, “Put the ‘O’ Back in Country” was written by Neil Young. The song was based on the song “Are You Ready for the Country.” His single “4th of July” was his only song on the album that was able to enter the US Billboard Hot Country chart at No. 22. He collaborated with George Jones for the song “4th of July.” Shooter also worked with Faith Evans, CeCe White, and his mother Jessi Colter for his single “Southern Comfort.” Just like his father Shooter is able to make a name in Country Outlaw music.


Here is the tracklist on his first album Put the ‘O’ Back in Country:

  1. “Put the ‘O’ Back in Country”
  2. “4th of July”
  3. “Lonesome Blues”
  4. “Solid Country Gold”
  5. “Busted in Baylor County
  6. “Sweet Savannah”
  7. “Steady at the Wheel”
  8. “Manifesto No. 1”
  9. “The Letter”
  10. “Southern Comfort”
  11. “Daddy’s Farm”

New Album

After his first album, Shooter released six more albums and this year he has a new album coming out named Shooter. Watch out for more announcement when Shooter Jennings is going to release his new album. For now here is “4th of July,” one of Jennings’ song on his album Put the ‘O’ Back in Country.

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