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Waylon Jennings’ song was influenced by Hank Williams Sr.

waylon jennings are you sure hank done it this way

The history of country songs changes as time goes by. Beginning from traditional country music that we love to new versions covered by various artists to newer generations of country music genre. Sometimes the saddest part is when people forget about the past where it all began, and they don’t get the recognition when they truly deserve it.

“Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?” Performance

“Are You Sure Hank Done It this way” was written and performed by Waylon Jennings. The song was part of his album Dreaming My Dreams, released in 1975. Jennings’ song peaked at No. 60 only on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in 1975. While his album, Dreaming My Dreams, peaked at No. 1 on the U.S. Top Country Albums.

In his album, “Are You Sure Hank Does It This Way?” is seen on the A-side, while his song “Bob Wills is still the King” is B-side of his album. The latter was a song dedicated to Bob Wills.

The Song’s Content

Taking the time to listen to the song’s lyrics, Waylon sings about the life and the style that people do when performing country music. In the first stanza of the song, Jennings’ mentioned that artists keep doing the same thing, and performing the same way. Notably, the way people play the guitar and the fiddle or how the way they dress. Moreover, his song honors how incredible and talented Hank Williams was and how talented he really is as a singer than others. Additionally, Alabama recorded the song as a tribute to Jennings’.

Cover Versions

Jennings’ song was covered by various artists such as Alabama in 2010, Hank Williams, Jr. in 1981, Steve Earle in 2017 and Clint Black in 1999. Hank Williams Jr. covered the song but changed some part of the lyrics. Alabama’s version peaked at No. 53 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs, which topped the charts a little higher than that of Jennings.


In 2009, Jennings’ song was adopted in the movie Crazy Heart. Furthermore, his track was included in Grand Theft V trailer in 2013.

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