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Waylon Jennings: A Rebel Talks About His Faith in “I Do Believe”


“I think the best song I’ve ever written is ‘I Do Believe.’ It’s off of one of the Highwaymen albums. It wasn’t a hit, but it’s a good song. Most people who have heard it feel the same way. It’s about what a lot of people in this world are turning to now in the name of religion. But I think spirituality is where it’s at. It’s how you feel yourself. It’s how I felt and the way I still feel about things.” – Waylon Jennings

Waylon Jennings, who warned “Mamas not to let their babies grow up to be cowboys,” was known to have personified the outlaw country movement of the ’70s.  Together with Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash, they have bravely spearheaded a movement that rejected the conventions of commercial rise for pop-country. They stick with their genre of combined aspects of honky tonk, with a rock and roll rhythm attitude that defined a hardcore country. Their influence stayed in the industry over the years, including members of the new traditionalist and alternative country sub-genres of the 80’s.

Waylon Jennings expresses his faith

Waylon Jennings was known as a country rebel who fearfully expresses his thoughts through his songs. He had been a professional musician since the late ’50s and reached the peak of his popularity in the ’70’s. It is known to many that he had struggled with drug addiction, and he was able to successfully overcome before his death. During the final years of his life, he recorded a song that reflects about the religion and his views about it.

“I Do Believe” expresses his uttermost belief in the existence of God and the power of His works. He may never have expressed his faith in words, but in his heart, he was sure that God truly exist, and that He have been there guiding him throughout his life and career. Jenning’s soft heart was basically showcased in this song as he sing words of appreciation to God’s unending love and comfort that is ready to pamper anyone in any time. His imposing baritone and stripped down voice became a little bit tamer, which add to the poignant effect of the song.

I do believe in a higher power
One that loves us one and all
Not someone to solve our problems
Or to catch me when I fall
He gave us all a mind to think with
And to know what’s right or wrong
He is that inner spirit
That keeps us strong

Waylon Jennings: A Rebel Talks About His Faith in “I Do Believe” 1

It’s the inner spirit inside you that keeps you strong

May this song from Jennings remind us about the inadequacy of human strength. It can never be enough to battle the intensity of misfortunes that this world can bring. The mysterious truth behind achieving victory is accepting that we are nothing without the power of God. Let us  ask for His strength to take over our live. And we’ll see that this is the time we become even more stronger. Also, that’s the time we become confident against all odds.


I Do Believe, Waylon Jennings

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