June 19

Watch: First-Rate Cover of “Wayfaring Stranger”

Who would not be familiar with that American classic “Wayfaring Stranger?”  An ancient spiritual dating as far back as the 1700s, it has survived three millenniums of music evolution. Originally a song of relief by the pioneers, it has become a staple to the revival of both our patriotic and religious spirits.

Despite the simplistic lyrics, this folk tune requires a balanced delivery of its evocative melody and mood.  Schools and church fairs would even hold singing competitions for it. Unsurprisingly, not a few singers were enamored and rose to that challenge. Here’s one worth your bookmark.

Wayfaring Stranger ( in English and Russian)

Our Man, Simon Khorolskiy
Watch: First-Rate Cover of “Wayfaring Stranger” 1

This young Russian gentleman recognized his gift of stellar singing voice. Stepping up in faith, his heart’s desire is to make God look good. Looking around, he feels saddened by the paramount waste of talent, time, and money for temporal and fleshly music, he decided he had to do something. Hence, he did not hesitate to use his gift in drawing praise for his Creator. Single-handedly, he records gospel tunes and films his own music videos.

His vision is simple. That is to create “incredible music for God that will blow up the internet amidst all of the degradation and mediocrity out there.” He believes that God should have the best in everything related to music from vocals to instrumentations, and music videos. And, right he is!

So if you liked and were inspired by this young man’s endeavor, drop him a line of compliments, or support him by becoming one of his patrons in Patreon.

As for Simon, keep up the good work man of God!

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