August 8

Watch: Once Upon a Time, Waylon Jennings Sang with Big Bird of Sesame Street

In 1985, Waylon Jennings did not shy away on including himself in a Sesame Street movie. When most of the country singers are so concerned of being a badass or an outlaw, Jennings drops all those machismo and proceeds to making him relevant not only to outlaw-ish adults but even to children.

Waylon Jennings singing with Big Bird

On this scene, Waylon Jennings helps Big Bird to realize that the ‘biggest turkey’ could brave any challenges in life. Jennings imparts this lesson through a song entitled ‘Ain’t No Road Too long’

Watch that glorious TV clip here:


Here’s the lyrics of ‘Ain’t No Road Too Long’ including the dialogues in between songs:

Waylon Jennings: So you are the bird on the run, huh?

Big Bird: Oh, yeah! And I can’t wait to get back to my real home on Sesame Street! I figure I can walk back there in, oh, about, uh, three hours.
Jennings: Three hours? More like three weeks, buddy.
Big Bird: Three weeks? Oh, no! I’ll never get home.
Jennings: Sure you will. You just gotta keep going. Pick up your feet and follow your beak.
Big Bird: Oh, I don’t know.
Jennings: Listen to me, son.


I found out a long time ago
You gotta learn to say “yes” when life says “no”
Don’t dwell on the bad times once they’re past
That kind of thinking gets you nowhere fast

‘Cause there ain’t no mountain you can’t climb
If you hang on tight and just make up your mind
Once you set your heart to movin’ on
Son, there ain’t no road too long

(Gordon, Olivia, and Cookie Monster are in a yellow Volkswagen, looking for Big Bird. Gordon is driving. They’re all singing, unless it says otherwise.)

Gordon: Don’t look back; don’t you turn around!
Olivia: Just keep your eye on where you’re bound!
Gordon and Olivia: And you’re bound to get from here to there
‘Cause a dream can take you anywhere!
Cookie Monster (spoken): Oh! Take me to cookies!
Super Grover: ‘Cause there ain’t no mountain you can’t climb
If you hang on tight and just make up your mind
Count von Count: And once you set your heart to moving on, hut, hut
Then there is no road too long!
(Spoken) And you can count the telephone poles! One telephone pole, two telephone poles, three telephone poles, four telephone poles!

(Oscar is driving Maria and Telly in his Sloppy Jalopy. Maria is looking at a road map.)


Maria: Oscar, this isn’t Route 12!
Oscar : Picky, picky, picky.
Telly: Oh, no!
Maria (as the Sloppy Jalopy lurches down a rolling field): Oh, oh!
Oscar: I never promised you a rose garden!
(Ernie is piloting Bert in an airplane as they look for Big Bird)
Ernie: Oh, we’re gonna find him all right, Bert!
Bert: Yeah.
Ernie: Hey, you remember what color he is?
Bert: What?
Ernie: He’s yellow!
Bert: Ernie!

(Ernie laughs and flies right over the truck without seeing Big Bird!)


Big Bird: ‘Cause there ain’t no mountain you can’t climb
If you hang on tight and just make up your mind!
And once you set your heart to movin’ on
Yeah, there ain’t no road too long


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