August 7

Watch: The Time Waylon Jennings Walks Out, Puts Tom Snyder on His Place

Waylon Jennings might be associated with a lot of things but he has a really limited patience when he smells wasting of time in the area. This national TV moment proved to be one of those days when Waylon Jennings is not having it.

Waylon Jenning Walks Out

The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder, Waylon Jennings

Many would say that Tom Snyder was being a jerk on TV but no offense meant for his fans, Tom Snyder and his crew might have a valid reason for this TV fiasco. Apparently, Waylon Jennings did not agree.

In 1998 of September, Jennings was already set to appear on the Late Late Show hosted by Tom Snyder. Reportedly, Jennings was already feeling a bit off during the taping as the show’s producers took the liberty of having him share an airtime of one hour with Dr. Laura when he thought he deserved the whole slot for himself.

During the actual TV episode, Dr. Laura’s segment apparently consumed more of the time that it took more portion of what’s left on a Waylon Jennings interview. Jennings decided that he is better off and walked off the set leaving Tom Snyder waiting in vain. Snyder’s last attempt to hype the show was to tell the audience that Waylon Jennings left him hanging ‘a few minutes’ ago.

“He is sitting there, watching Dr. Laura and Tom talk and 20 minutes he says we’re leavin. So we sat there for about 35 minutes and he said call the car” said Jessi Colter, Waylon Jennings’ wife in an interview with CMT dissecting the once shocking TV event.

Tom Snyder, flustered had to fill in the 18 minutes of talk time facing an empty chair, without Waylon Jennings and he was apparently just talking about Waylon Jennings’ unannounced exit on his scheduled TV interview.

“I have never had anybody leave before they came on” concludes Tom Snyder still facing the empty chair and hollow emptiness.

Watch the documented moment here:



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