September 14

Watch: Three-Year Old Girl Demonstrates that Perseverance Bears Fruit


When all we’re hearing and watching are news of doom, we can’t help but think if there’s any hope left for humanity. Yet look! Here is a clip of a girl tirelessly trying to mount her horse. She would not let anybody help her. She jumped and tried to pull herself up in full effort.  After sixteen attempts, she finally was able to get on her horse. If that is not motivational, I don’t know what is.

The video was posted last year and went viral on various social media feeds and websites. Though only for 1 minute and 11 seconds, it was an instant hook to viewers.

So folks, meet Crosslyn Vest. What a cute cowgirl with all those adorable freckles and blue eyes!
Watch: Three-Year Old Girl Demonstrates that Perseverance Bears Fruit 1

According to an interview of Today’s Show with mommy Teah Vest, Crosslyn is very independent.

“She never quit until she accomplished it. She never gave up and lots of people I’ve noticed were shocked.”

Wow! You are in luck and must be proud of your daughter Mrs. Vest!

Netizens, on the other hand, had mixed reactions. While majority was on the positive, some were being a bit critical in sympathy to the pony. They were unhappy with the tugging and pulling of the pony’s locks. Some also made comments on the kind of parenting given to the girl.

Regardless, Crosslyn and her pony Bo are now virtual celebrities. Crosslyn is now seen as the personification of persistence and determination.  In fact, even Senator for Texas, Ted Cruz posted about her on twitter.
Watch: Three-Year Old Girl Demonstrates that Perseverance Bears Fruit 2

Now to the sweet Crosslyn, you are not just a bundle of joy to your family. You are a load of inspiration as well. Few years down the road, you’ll look back on the impact you have made. Until then, enjoy your innocent years, and remember to be gentle on your horse, Bo.


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