August 9

Watch: 2011 Glen Campbell Interview Proves He Fought Alzheimer’s Bravely

Glen Campbell, 2011 Interview

This might be a cliché but if music can save a life, only a Glen Campbell could pull off a final album while suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Indeed, August 8 told us that Glen Campbell already lost the good fight and met our creator but this 2011 interview tells us otherwise.

Here, we see the one and only Glen Campbell planning and determined to give his loyal fans the final show they truly deserved while having the knowledge that any moment he is going to lose the strands of what makes him Glen Campbell.

Be warned that this interview is really hard to watch as Glen Campbell is already showing the symptoms of onset Alzheimer’s while being distracted every now and then during the interview:



‘Glen Campbell… I’ll be Me’ film, Battle with Alzheimer’s

2011 Glen Campbell Interview


Another proof that Glen Campbell put a good fight is his enthusiasm to continue performing and recording and putting it in a documentary called Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me.” Speaking to ABC News was the film’s director James Keach detailing how Campbell did not shy away of chronicling his struggle with Alzheimer’s disease. He told ABC:

”He was told to hang up the guitar and instead he proudly walked out and said, ‘This is who I am. There’s no shame in my game and I am going to go out singing the song.’ That was Glen.”

Another testimonial was also given by Harry Johns, President and CEO of Alzheimer’s Association:

“Glen was a courageous advocate on behalf of Alzheimer’s, not only bravely sharing his diagnosis with the world, but continuing to bring joy to his fans through his music while facing the disease so publicly,

Glen and his family helped to bring Alzheimer’s out of the shadows and into the spotlight with openness and honesty that has rallied people to take action on behalf of the cause. I had people come up after the film who had family members or themselves had Alzheimer’s who said, ‘I no longer feel ashamed.”


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