October 17

Wanna Be Selfless? Pray with Merle Haggard

In just three verses, Merle recapitulated how and what we should pray more often. With Pray, he sang key three points without sounding preachy.

1. Be Outward Focused

Take your eyes off yourself, look at somebody else

It is human to ask for things we need or think we need. Without mincing words but stated in a gentle tone, Merle chided us to be mindful of other people’s states and sufferings. That we stop being self-centered and to start seeing the needs around us. One way or the other, it is always possible that we could lend a hand to even just a single person.

There’s others lesser than you
Get your mind off yourself,
think of somebody else
And pray, and pray

Sometimes, there’s too much coddling of our emotions and troubles that we forget we are not the only ones in the world experiencing pain. In simpler terms, Merle calls us to stop the “drama.” Better, raise your awareness about those who are less fortunate than you are. Pray for them. And if perchance it is given in your power to help them, please do so. Guaranteed, not only that you will stop compounding your miseries, you will feel better seeing that you are able to lift others up.

2. Count Your Blessings

Are we living in the midst of many privileges that we start feeling entitled to everything? Merle says, “Count your blessings again.” Unhappy with your current state because you envy those who have things you don’t? Listen to Merle, “Count your blessings again.” It will make you happier.

3. Let God Take the Credit

And give God the glory for every good thing you do

Merle did not just sing this. He lived it. This could also be the vital ingredient that made Merle and his sons maintain humility. They do not live for people’s applause. Unapologetically, they even use their platforms to inspire or make their audience think of God for few minutes each time they insert singing gospel songs in their acts.


Song Trivia: Pray was a song written by Merle Haggard. It appeared on his studio album called The Bluegrass Sessions and released in 2007. Reception to this album went well that it reached the 43rd place in US Billboard Top Country Albums and 34th in the Billboard for Independent Albums.


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