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George Jones Admits that He’s a “Wandering Soul”

Are you a wandering soul? Have you been lost and can’t find your way home? Don’t worry, most of us experienced to be lost or are currently lost. How do we find our way home then? Can we ask a friend or anyone we know? Maybe we can. Our friends or family may have found their way home and could help us. However, it isn’t them who can guide us. Rather, it is someone who guided them that will be able to help us, too. Who is that someone then? God. He is our ultimate light, hope, and life. Surround yourself with His presence, and you’ll find your way home.

George Jones’ “Wandering Soul”

God’s power to heal our broken soul, and show us the right way was the central topic of George Jones’ single “A Wandering Soul.” The song was co-written by George Jones with Bill Dudley. It was included as one of the tracks on his gospel album Country Church Time. “Wandering Soul” didn’t become popular, but the message of the song is extremely powerful that every word shows the emotion of the narrator.

George Jones Admits that He’s a “Wandering Soul” 1

Early Recordings of George Jones

Country Church Time was one of Jones’ albums during his early days as a singer. It took him three years before he completely finished the album and released it in 1959. Some of the songs were written by him, while others were cover songs like “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”. His album contained songs he previously recorded when he was still in Starday Records. It was all compiled and released on his new record label Mercury records.

All About the Song

The character of the song admits that he is lost, and couldn’t find his way home. It was brave of him to recognize his situation and call on the Lord’s name.  He asks God for help to guide him because if he let himself go on wandering, it will only hurt him more.

And help lead me down the road that is right

Oh carry me through these hours of darkness

And show me the path the shining light

I’m a wandering soul I’m lost from my savior

“A Wandering Soul” By George Jones

We do not need to fear if we are lost because God is always open to those who ask help from him. He will do everything to save his lost sheep, and guide them home to Him. Just like the narrator, do not be afraid to admit that you are lost and you need help. If you don’t ask for help, who’ll come and save you then?


Country Church Time, George Jones, Wandering Soul

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