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Sweet Reminiscence: Wanda Jackson & Elvis Presley Love Story

Sweet Reminiscence: Wanda Jackson & Elvis Presley Love Story 1
Elvis Presley and Wanda Jackson (image from Youtube)

Before Elvis Presley became the “King of Rock ‘n Roll” and Wanda Jackson the “Queen of Rockabilly,” the two icons were an item back in 1955. The two met in one of Presley’s tours. During that time, Jackson had just graduated high school while she was an aspiring singer who had some songs ready to be recorded. Presley became her motivator and partner at the same time.

Before the two began their romantic relationship, they asked approval from Jackson’s father, who traveled with her as a chaperone and manager.

Sweet Reminiscence: Wanda Jackson & Elvis Presley Love Story 2
Elvis Presley and Wanda Jackson (image from Youtube)

There was a ring!

In December 2017, Jackson shared how Presley influenced her own career, and how their relationship created an impact to where she was.

The adolescent Elvis Presley gifted the teen-age Wanda Jackson with a ring, and asked her to be her girl. Taking it as a valuable possession, the ring was around her neck for about a year.

Just like any other dating couples, they would go see a movie, grab some foods, and share unending stories. However, Presley’s career was already advancing during that time that they had few chances of meeting.  Jackson’s father won’t let her go out alone with guys, although he liked Elvis really well. Until the time came that they only meet during tours that they did together.

Sweet Reminiscence: Wanda Jackson & Elvis Presley Love Story 3
Wanda Jackson (image from Youtube)

Though their relationship didn’t last forever, Jackson kept the ring he gave her after all these years. As a matter of fact, it was her mother who held it for her. More than the ring, she had bunches of memories with the rock star that she kept in her heart. Elvis even encouraged her to take a break from her genre and try rock ‘n roll, and she did try it. She recorded her first rock ‘n roll song “I Gotta Know.” It has a bit of a country kickoff.

Jackson made her name as one of the first popular female rockabilly singers in the 50s and 60s. She’s also an inductee of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 2009. She continues to perform for her dedicated fans until this time.

Here’s “I Wore Elvis’ Ring” from Jackson’s 2006 album, I Remember Elvis.

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