January 25

Flashback to Walter Brennen’s Story-Telling of “Old Rivers”

Do you folks remember “Old Rivers?” It’s a single written in 1962 by Cliff Crofford and voiced by Walter Brennen. Also featured was The Jonny Mann Singers singing in the background.

Walter Brennen’s “Old Rivers”


Who was “Old Rivers?”

A hardworking man dedicated to the sustaining and enrichment of his field. He was friends with a boy who watched everything he did. Perhaps, unknown to him, he was setting an example about the value of hard work. Later on, the boy emulated him.

Song’s Anatomy

The style was reminiscent. The narrator recounted his memories of an old, farmer named Old Rivers. He described how hard-working Old Rivers was and that he, being a young lad, would trail behind him.

What got him the most were the words uttered by his old friend. He recalled Old Rivers talked about someday climbing up a mountain where there would be no need for hard labor. That mountain, as old Rivers described, was none other than ‘heaven.’

Our Take-Aways

  1. Respect and esteem each other’s profession.
    No job is more important than the other. We need each one for the betterment of everybody’s life.
  2. Heed your old folks’ words.

Nobody’s perfect and your folks may have even done some serious mistakes in the past. Still, that does not disqualify them from imparting life lessons learned. They’ve lived longer and seen more days. Hence, there’s no underestimating their insights and wisdom.

  1. Friendship is boundless.

It is not limited by age, race, or creed. Oftentimes, it comes in unlikely circumstances and among unlikely people. That goes to prove that there is always something we can learn from each one.

Just like the boy who remembers Old Rivers in Walter Brennen’s narration, we will always leave imprints. Hope we are leaving good ones.


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