September 27

That Funny Moment Brennan Stumped Guests in “What’s My Line?”

In a segment from “What’s My Line that aired on May 12, 1957, Walter Brennan appeared as the second mystery guest. Masking his voice from a gruff oldie into a high-pitched tone, Brennan gave the panelists a tough time. Panelists in the episode were Dorothy Kilgallen, Adolphe Menjou, Greer Garson, and Bennett Cerf. The show was hosted by John Charles Daly who also served as the game’s moderator.

Pull out your hankies, folks! You might find yourself crying in laughter while watching today’s featured clip.

Walter Brennan in “What’s My Line”

An amusing line of questioning, isn’t it? That was fun! And just when we thought nobody could unmask Brennan’s brilliant vocal disguise, Mr. Adolphe Menjou put all the clues together. With a resounding success, he accurately named actor Walter Brennan! Hope this made your day!

“What’s My Line?” Bits    

CBS primetime show, What’s My Line? had an extensive run on the air for almost two decades: (1950-1967) in B&W and  (1968–1975) colored. Simple as it is, the show’s popularity sparked up that soon, other versions emerged. What’s My Line? won three Emmy Awards including “Best Quiz or Audience Participation Show” (1952, 1953, and 1958) and the Golden Globe for Best TV Show (1962). In 2013, TV Guide named What’s My Line? the 9th Best Game Show ever among 60 other shows.

Why did the show work?

For the entertainment industry to thrive, gimmicks were undoubtedly necessary. What’s My Line, on the other hand, opted not to re-invent the wheel. Though a simple guessing game, everyone was dressed to the nines with an adornment of classy humor. Even engaged in playful banters, participants maintained mutual respect for each other.

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Walter Brennan, What's My Line?

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