December 18

Walter Brennan’s Folksy Tale of “Henry Had a Merry Christmas”

Feel like you’ve heard enough old carols and Christmas songs in different versions? How about a musical narrative for a change? Fresh from the 1960s album of Walter Brennan, here’s “Henry Had a Merry Christmas,” one of Brennan’s classic tales worth hearing and presenting to your family campfires.

Thanks to the boy, that once poor and scrawny turkey almost end up to the dining table! Hence, the title. The family may not have had their roast, but everybody still had a Merry Christmas including “Henry” the turkey. We may laugh now, but let’s admit it. We could have done the same. Bet those who’ve had pets in their childhood can ultimately relate to this.
Bits about the Track

Fourth track in Brennan’s “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” album in 1962, “Henry Had a Merry Christmas” was from the creative mind of Cliff Crawford. Along with the track, “White Christmas,” today’s feature was one of the hottest Christmas songs back then. It’s just a shame that the album did not chart despite favorable responses from the masses. Still, it’s Walter Brennan. People then and now love this old chap.

Walter Brennan’s Folksy Tale of “Henry Had a Merry Christmas" 1

More Fun Facts About Walter Brennan

Known best in the early 1960s sitcom, “The Real McCoys,” Walter Brenan is a three-time Oscar Winner for his Best Supporting Actor roles. But who would have thought that he’ll also make hits as a recording artist at the age of 66?! That just proves that age does not necessarily weaken one’s drive to excel further.

Though mostly spoken than sung, Brennan’s moralistic tales were instant hooks to radio listeners of any genre. Four of his singles ultimately charted namely, “Dutchman’s Gold” (1960), “Old Rivers” (1962), “Houdini” (1962), and “Mama Sang a Song” (1962).


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